COVID Safe Plan

In order to continue to run events safely in compliance with public health advice the Lake Macquarie Stand Up Paddle Club has prepared the flowing COVID safe plan that covers the different aspects of running our usual monthly club event.  Please read the information below carefully and adhere to the latest public health directives and our COVID Safe plan when attending our events.

If you have already become a member and feel that attending future events would be unsafe or you cannot comply with the latest government public health directive, then please contact us by email and we will happily refund your membership.

Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Public Health Directive for Community Sport

Please inform yourself of the latest Public Health Directives for community sport and help Lake Macquarie Stand Up Paddle Club stay COVID safe and continue run these events for the local community. See links to advice below.

Public health directive for community sport

Public health directive for community sport FAQ’s


These measures are to be adhered to when considering attending and throughout the event:

  • If you are unwell. please do not attend the event.
  • Maintain 1.5m (1 paddle length) between yourself and others.
  • Wash and/or sanitise your hands regularly, soap and water will be available in the amenities and hand sanitiser at the registration desk.
  • It will be possible to maintain social distancing at the event as there is plenty of outdoor space on the event grounds and on the water, however if you wish to wear a mask for you own protection during the event you must bring your own mask.
  • A list of participants including spectators is required for COVID tracking, all participants are required to register, and spectators make yourself know at the registration desk so we can record your attendance.
  • If you think travelling to the event would contradict the zone and regional stipulation outlined in latest public health directive, then please do not attend the event. Our advice from the NSW government has been greater than 30 minutes to travel to the event would be a possible breach of this health order.
  • Avoid carpools or bus travel to the event with people from different household groups where possible
  • Limit spectators to one parent only, where the child requires parental supervision during the sporting activity
  • Amenities are limited to two persons at any time, please wash your hands when using the amenities.
  • Cease face-to-face social activities relating to community sports, the club will not be arranging post-event gatherings and is advised members and/or guests not to organise their own gatherings post-event.


These are specific measures that apply to your arrival at the event:

  • Where possible leave your boards on your car and go directly to the registrations desk.
  • If you are being dropped off, place your board on the grass in an out of the way area and proceed to the registration desk.
  • Please allow yourself plenty of time to register and unload before the race, briefing will be 20 minutes before race start time.


These are specific measures that apply to registering for the event

  • Queue markers will be placed to line up for registration, please use these markers when lining up.
  • If a queue marker is not available, then remain in the registration area an maintain social distancing until a marker becomes available.
  • Please sanitise your hands at the registration desk especially if exchanging money or items.
  • After registering you will be instructed to go and unload your board and place it in a defined position at least 1.5m from any other person or persons board, please do this immediately and do not move your board, Do not enter the water.
  • When waiting for the race briefing please maintain social distancing, you do not need to stay with your board during this period.

Race Brief

These are specific measures that apply to the conduction of the pre-race briefing:

  • The race briefing will be conducted 20min before the event start, plenty of time to warm up afterwards so do not enter the water beforehand.
  • When the race brief is called please go and stand next to your board which should be positioned where you were instructed to leave it, 1.5m from anyone else.
  • The race brief will be conducted while you are standing next to your board, this is to maintain social distancing during this short gathering.
  • Instructions for entering the water in an orderly manner will be relayed at the end of the race briefing.

Entering Water

These are specific measures that apply to entering the water before the race:

  • After the race briefing you may choose to enter the water immediately this will be approximately 15min before race start, stay with your board and wait for instructions before entering the water so it can be done in an orderly manner.
  • If you have some last minute business to take care of after the race briefing, take care of it then return to your board at least 10min before race start, form here wait for instructions before entering the water so it can be done in an orderly manner.
  • Maintain 1 paddle length from all other paddlers while waiting for the race start

On the Water

These are specific measures that apply once you are out on the water, warming up, race and cool down.

  • Once out on the water you must remain 1.5m (or 1 paddle length) from any other paddler
  • 5min before start will be called so start making your way to the start line
  • 1min before start will be called so start edging up to the start line ready to start
  • The paddler who is behind is responsible for maintaining 1 paddle length distance from the paddler in front
  • If the paddler in front is crossing in front the paddler behind must give way and if required notify the paddler in front to avoid breaching the 1 paddle length distancing.
  • If you are drafting the paddler in front, you are too close

Post Race

These are specific measures that apply post-race i.e. muddling on the lake, exiting the water, packing up equipment and leaving the event site.

  • After the race you may remain on the water as long as you like to cool down but please remain using your own paddling equipment, no swapping boards or paddles.
  • When ready to exit the water you may place it on the grass 1.5m (1 paddle length) from another board and towel it down with your own towel. Make sure you bring your own towel.
  • A wash down facility for your paddle equipment is not permitted at the event, please wait until you get home to wash down your equipment.
  • After towelling your board immediately load onto your vehicle, briefly say your goodbyes and return home safely.

Event Flow

 covid event flow

Event Signage

Please take note of the following signs that will be displayed around the event as a reminder to follow public health advice and our COVID Safe plan

 dr chant message

covid on surfaces fb

physical distancing steps

physical distancing greeting

keep apart

max capacity 2



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